Gamma correction is a powerful tool for altering the display of images to emphasise light and dark details in a quantitative and controllable way. This ImageJ macro provides a tool for generating a gamma corrected look up table for displaying greyscale data with an altered gamma.


//ImageJ macro for setting a gamma adjusted look up table
//It is recommended you install this macro via
//either Plugins>Macros>Install... or Strl+Shift+M
//The macro can also be placed in the startup macros folder.

//The macro applies a gamma-adjusted lookup table (LUT)
//The base LUT colour is given by the r, g and b values;
//i.e. use 255, 255, 255 for greys, 255, 0, 0 for red, etc.
//The gamma values range from 0<1 (lighten dark parts of the image)
//to >1 (darken light parts of the image). A gamma of 1
//gives a simple linear LUT.

//Note that the gamma LUT does not modify the image,
//just how it is displayed.

var r=255;
var g=255;
var b=255;
var gam=0.8;

macro "RGB Gamma LUT" {
    Dialog.create("RGB Gamma LUT");
        Dialog.addNumber("R", 255, 0, 5, "(0-255)");
        Dialog.addNumber("G", 255, 0, 5, "(0-255)");
        Dialog.addNumber("B", 255, 0, 5, "(0-255)");
        Dialog.addNumber("Gamma", 0.8, 3, 5, "");
        r=round(minOf(maxOf(Dialog.getNumber(), 0), 255));
        g=round(minOf(maxOf(Dialog.getNumber(), 0), 255));
        b=round(minOf(maxOf(Dialog.getNumber(), 0), 255));
        gam=maxOf(Dialog.getNumber(), 0);

    for (i=0; i<256; i++) {
        rs[i]=round(r*pow(i/256, gam));
        gs[i]=round(g*pow(i/256, gam));
        bs[i]=round(b*pow(i/256, gam));
    setLut(rs, gs, bs);

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